Feel Good Flows



This comes down to the core foundation of what feel good flows is all about; a real honest community where no one is left behind by allowing you to choose what your contribution is for the class.

Depending on where you’re at in life, you choose what the value of the class is to you. If you are really struggling and can’t afford a monetary contribution, contact us and let us know how you plan to pay it forward in another way. This could be a bag of trash you have collected from the beach. All forms of payments are accepted.

We haven’t changed this model since day one because it has been a beautiful surprise to witness the community give generously. It has also encouraged a community that really shows up authentically and supports each other from a real and raw place in their hearts.

Absolutely. Just like anytime you do something for the first time you may feel uncomfortable and really out of your depth. That’s the whole point. The nerves will soon dissolve as you come back again and again, making friends along the way.

We run a monthly beginners workshop to break down every pose and highly recommend everyone attends this session to go over the basic poses you may expect in any class and the WHY behind each pose.

Remember, it was never about the pose. When you truly get that… that’s when you’re an advanced yogi.

Yoga expands the body, mind and soul. The poses are tools for expansion.

Wear comfy clothes, bring our own mat (although we have spares), a bottle with water, sun protection for your sunny days, warm layers for the colder months, and the most important thing – a big open heart.

We are limited with spots so please do show up if you can or notify us, we are always understanding of course and happy for you to use your donation for access to another event if need be.

For two years we embraced “ If it rains – we embrace the elements and do yoga in the rain” and we were very lucky to NEVER get rained out, except for when Eliza went to Europe for four weeks and it rained every Sunday in Melbourne.

On Sundays, we are now really grateful to have a winter shelter at West Beach Pavillion so when the weather is lush we go to the deck under the open skies, by the sand and sea. If it’s super cold or raining, we will pop the indoor fireplace on and practice indoors in their event shelter.

Hey sunshine!

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